This campaign takes place in the city-state of Fairport. Fairport is an independent, cosmopolitan city ruled by King Orrin, and known for its bustling trade. It is bordered on the south by the Foral Sea, on the east by the Daggertip Mountains, on the north by the empire of Cinador, and on the west by the Giltleaf Forest.


Ducal Houses

In order of succession, the ducal houses are:

House Argo

Head: Duchess Andria Argo
House Argo is known for its martial prowess. Mercenaries of House Argo are paid well for their services, ensuring a steady flow of both income and experience. House Argo also produces siege weaponry—including catapults, trebuchets, and ballistae—and holds frequent tournaments, including a grand game every year to close out the harvest festival.

House Gorda

Head: Duke Ongbert Gorda
House Gorda runs a lucrative import/export business, bringing in exotic goods from distant lands and selling goods manufactured in Fairport. It is the most wealthy of the ducal houses. It also has its hands in most of the city’s guilds, and collects taxes on the vast majority of manufactured goods.

House Varkos

Head: Duke Emaian Varkos
House Varkos is the oldest of the ducal houses, but its numbers and favor has waned in recent generations. Despite having more mages than any of the other houses, it wields relatively little influence or power in the court.

House vita Brevis

Head: Duchess Leithwenn vita Brevis
House vita Brevis is the youngest of the ducal houses, existing for bu three years. No one is quite sure why King Orrin granted Leithwenn vita Brevis a dukedom, but course gossip claims blackmail was involved. She is tight-lipped about the source of her wealth, but none question it too deeply for fear that they might be excluded from the house’s frequent, lavish parties. Duchess vita Brevis personally employs dozens of artists of all sorts, and the finest craftsman also belong to the house.



Temples to most non-evil gods can be found within the city, and in particular Ioun, goddess of knowledge; Erathis, god of civilization; and Melora, goddess of the sea are most commonly worshipped.

The Silver Torch

The order of paladins known as The Silver Torch has one of its bases within Fairport. The Silver Torch follows the dictates of Bahamut, Moradin and Pelor. They have a stated goal of achieving self-excellence, and of bringing purity to oneself and others.

Whitecliff Academy

Standing on the piers in Fairport, one can easily make out the jutting spires of Whitecliff Academy over the horizon to the southeast. The ninety-seven-story building on Whitecliff Island is a wonder of magical construction, and houses a good portion of the world’s magically-inclined persons. Whitecliff Academy relies on Fairport for supplies and also as a staging ground for their frequent excursions into the wider world in search of talented young men and women.

The Wayfinders

The Wayfinders are a mysterious group of rangers and druids who patrol the Giltleaf Forest, keeping the roads clear of brigands. Little is known of them or their structure, if they even have such, but they maintain cordial, if distant, relations with Fairport.

The Stormspire

The Stormspire is a monastery located at the top of the highest peak in the Daggertip Mountains. The monks there worship Kord and lead an ascetic life. Aside from a monthly trip for supplies, the monks are rarely seen in Fairport, though it is rumored that they have relations with both The Silver Torch and House Argo.


Cinador is the largest empire in the land, and Fairport’s greatest trading partner. In recent months, Cinador’s trade has become even more lucrative as they wage war against their own neighbors to the north and east. There are some who worry Cinador could turn its attention on Fairport, but this is generally disregarded as hearsay. Fairport’s army is no match for Cinador’s, but making war with Fairport would result in both opening up a third front and also cutting themselves off from the source of much of their arms.


Torch Hall

Torch Hall is a joint effort between The Silver Torch and the local clergy of Pelor. It provides simple meals and a rudimentary clinic for the destitute.

The Dirty Cauldron

The Dirty Cauldron is a sketchy tavern near the pier, run by a curious fellow named Jumpin Jack (so poor he can’t even afford an apostrophe!). That would be an ironic nickname, as Jack has two peg legs. He used to be an adventurer, a mage in fact, and lost his legs when a magical portal he was fleeing through closed on him.

A flock of parrots frequents the tavern, despite Jumpin Jack’s constant efforts to shoo them off. There’s also a stunningly beautiful waitress at the tavern by the name of Helga; Helga’s been working at the tavern since Jack opened it nearly thirty years ago, and regulars there claim she hasn’t aged a day in all the time they’ve known her.


A mysterious one-eyed man named Johann runs an apothecary in the marketplace. In addition to the usual herbs, Johann cultivates a number of unusual and rare insects. Some say he has an unhealthy obsession with them. No one is quite sure where Johann came from. The previous owner of the apothecary had no apprentice and died just over four years ago. Johann appeared to open up the shop the very day after the previous owner’s death, and ran it as if he’d always been there.

Viva La Resistance!

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